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Audio Equipment Rental with Lighting.

Ifrolix PA Set Up

Add the Best Sound Quality with Lighting to your Weddings, Birthday Parties, Corporate Functions, Speaking Sessions, Concerts, Bands, Fashion Shows and other Occasions.

High End Public Address (PA) Audio System to Include:

  • Two 18" Subwoofers.

  • Two 15" Loudspeakers.

  • Two 15" Floor Monitors.

  • A Digital Mixer.

  • Four Cordless Mics.

  • One Guitar Amp.

  • One Bass Amp.

  • One Keyboard Amp.

  • A Five Piece Drum Kit.

  • Top Quality Cables.

  • 16 Wifi Operated Up Lights.

  • Over Head Lighting Truss.

  • Four Light Tree Stands.

  • DJ Service - The Best Music.

ifrolix sound engineer

Your Service comes with a Sound Engineer to help you to Achieve the Best Sound Quality for your Event. A Combined Sound Output Enough for 250 People.

Ifrolix PA Sound Drum Kit

Two Columns of Frontline PA Speakers with Two Floor Monitors. The Backline Consist of a Keyboard Amp, a Guitar Amp, a Bass Amp and a Five Piece Drum Kit.

Ifrolix PA Sound DJ Set up

Band Break DJ Service with Great Music from Multiple Genres. Such as Pop, Electronic Dance, R&B, Hip Hop, Rock, Reggae, Afro Beats, Soca and more.

Ifrolix Stage Lights

Overhead Lighting Truss with Two Moving Head Lights and Four Par Lights. Sixteen Wifi Operated Cordless Up lights. Four Lighting Tree Stands with Three Par Lights each.

Sound & Lighting at The Strand, Naples FL.

We Provided Sound Equipment and Lighting for a Cameroonian and Barbadian Wedding.

At the Club House at The Strand Golf Club in Naples Florida.

Audio Equipment was set up in three different Rooms for three different Sessions.

The Ceremony

Saxy Sol the Professional Saxophonist and Soloist Entertained his Audience.

The Cocktail Party

The African DJ Played Great Selections from Multiple Genres as background Music.

The Reception

In the Dining Room the DJs including Jay the DJ and the MC went all out and kept the Audience on the Dance Floor.

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