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Party Venue in Pompano Beach, FL.

Your Private Event Rental Price Includes:

  • White Draping.

  • Round Dining Tables.

  • White Velvet Tablecloths.

  • Clear Chiavari Chairs.

  • Choice of Chair Cushions.

  • Clear 13" Charger Plates.

  • Clear Cylindrical Vases.

  • White Cloth Napkins.

  • Rectangular Banquet Tables.

  • White Skirtings.

  • 8 Chafer Food Warmers.

  • A Portable Bar.

  • A 14ft. by 8ft. Stage.

  • A 70" Flat Screen TV.

  • We Clean-up for you.

Your Daily All-Inclusive Rental Price is $1200 for up to 12 hours.

Host your Private Functions such as Birthday Parties, Baby Showers, Sweet Sixteen, Quinceañeras, Kids Party, Weddings, Communions, Graduations, Family Reunions and other Occasions.

1600 Square Feet of Space with AC.

A 60 People Capacity Private Party Room.


This is a Self-Help Event Space Service.

Please put all of your used Cups, Bottles, Plates, Knives, Forks, Balloons and other Disposables in the Garbage Bin Provided by us. We will do the rest of the Cleaning.

Please take all of your Personal Items when you Leave. We are not Responsible for any Items that are left behind.

View from the front at the Ifrolix Event Space.

We Provide your Basic needs for all Special Events. To throw a Party, just take your DJ, Decorations, Food and Drinks.


Six 72" Round Dining Tables with White Velvet Tablecloths, Clear 13" Charger Plates, White Cloth Napkins and Clear Cylindrical Vases.

14ft by 8ft Stage with DJ Booth and Lighting.

Lighting Includes Wifi Operated Wall Wash Lights and Stage Lighting Truss with Moving Head Lights.

View from the Back at the Ifrolix Event Space.

As an Event Venue we offer Neutral Colors such as Black, White and Gray. Customize the Party Hall to Suit the Theme of your Event.

Chafers to keep your Catered Food Warm.

Eight Chafers with Lids and Inserts to keep your Catered Food Warm. Just take your Canned Heat and add a Little Water.

The 70" Flat Screen TV at the Ifrolix Event Space.

70" Flat Screen TV with in House Wifi. Run your Photo Slide Shows and Videos from a Thumb Drive or your Laptop.

Clear Chiavari Chairs with Choice of Cushions.

We offer 60 Strong and Sturdy Clear Chiavari Chairs. Let us know your Choice of Cushion Colors.

The Portable 4ft. Bar at the Ifrolix Event Space.

Create your own Cocktails from the Portable Bar. Take your Ice, Cups, Drinks, Napkins, Straws and other needed Items. 

The Bathroom at the Ifrolix Event Space.

A Unisex Wheelchair Accessible Bathroom. Fully Functional with Hand Soap, Hand Towels and Toilet Paper.

For Promoters of Public or Media Events.

Come in and Create your Concerts, Karaoke, Comedy Shows, Open Mic Poetry, Pop-up Shops, TV Shows, Book Signings, Photography, Videography, Game Nights and other Events.


Other Available Services are Live Streaming, Sound Equipment Rental, DJ Service and Reggae Band.

Fits 80 People for Public Events with mostly Standing Room.

Comes with 24 Seats to Include Bar Height and Regular Height Tables and Chairs.

Take your own Decorations, DJ, Food and Drinks.

Your Rental Price is $700 for up to 12 Hours.

Event Space Rental for Concerts.
Event Space for Club Night Promotions.
Ifrolix Event Space for Comedy Shows.

Past Events from other Creators.

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